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What People Are Saying About World Champion Productions!

Rick and Vicky A.

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Dance Lesson Testimonials

James B.

"They have taught me to better present myself when dancing and shown me so much more to have in my play book."

Courtney W.

"Andrew was a fantastic instructor! We came in for lessons for our first wedding dance and he broke things down in simple steps. He was patient as we struggled through a few things but also was able to give us a few fun moves to put into our dance as well. Great first experience learning about social dance!"

Doris B.

"The staff is very friendly and professional. Know their craft. Always encouraging. Service: nothing but great."

Ben L.

"A totally awesome experience. The teachers are professional dancers not just a teacher from a phys ed class. They are competent dancing professionals. Having played at a high-level in A symphony orchestra it is humbling to reach down and see just how much I have to learn to be even mildly competent. Craig and now Ellie are totally wonderful teachers."

Traveler A.

"Ballroom dancing has helped me regain my balance and strength. After hip replacement then knee replacement, I had issues walking correctly and was sure that I would never walk normal again. My awesome dance instructor, Gerard, listened to my needs and worked diligently in helping me regain what I had lost while showing me how to ballroom dance! Something that exercise or physical therapy was not able to do. I highly recommend ballroom dancing to keep fit, stay healthy, laugh & feel alive, express yourself, attend parties/events/destinations. You will never regret dancing and how it makes you feel. =)"

Jill F.

"We needed lessons for my son's upcoming wedding and Danny was very accommodating to getting my son, my husband and myself much more comfortable with social dancing. He is willing to work out 2 hours of private lessons next Saturday for my son and his fiance. The Saturday evening dance party was low keyed and the regular patrons were very welcoming to us, even though it was our first day. We came from Franklin, TN and Atlanta, GA because Danny was willing to give us Saturday lessons. We are all truly grateful! I was very nervous about the mother/son dance and feel much better now after Danny's excellent lessons!"

Heather S.

"This is an amazing studio and it has really helped me learn more about dance. They have helped me become a more confident dancer as well."

Joann W.

"Very professional and fun!"

Mitzi P.

"This place is awesome!  The atmosphere they create is ideal to learn and feel good about yourself.  I've made friends, gained confidence and lost weight.  Plus, I've learned something new!"