"I couldn't agree more about what's been said about the teachers and staff at WCP. And I have been lucky to spend the last nine months in the hands of a fantastic mentor who's guided me through one production, four competitions, and we are working on a dance number for the studio's spring production as I am writing this. But, there has been and unexpected benefit of my time here, and that is to my health. My activity here has lost me over 50 pounds and, according to my cardiologist, lowered my blood pressure to the best it's been in years. The other physicians I see also comment on my improved health due to my weight loss and increased activity.

Now, I won't say that dancing will do this for everyone, but it's definitely one of the healthiest directions I've taken in years. Plus, my cardiologist says he now only has to see me once a year! As I was able to recently share with the owner, David Elkin, dancing at WCP is not only changing my life - it's saving my life."

- Tom H current student