My journey started on March 29th of 2016.  At the inception, I was a nearly five pack a day smoker, a tad over 400 pounds and by all accounts had given up on life, love and, as they say, the pursuit of happiness.  With a promise made to a dear friend on the day of his death, I took his bride of 5-6 years to her first of many ballroom dance lessons for beginners with me.  Although the promise was the focus, it brought to the forefront a lifelong dream I had of being a dancer.  Early in life I proclaimed that I wanted to be a dancer to my mother and it was met with the harshest of criticisms.  Fast forward 32 years, my dream quickly became reality.  I was paired with an amazing instructor and the staff at WCP wrapped around me and quite literally saved my life.  A smoking habit was the first to go.  Cold turkey.  Next came the start of a tremendous weight loss that was a BYPRODUCT of the dancing.  There was no effort or emphasis placed upon the change in my body.  170 pounds evaporated.  All while doing what we all love to do.

The friendships that have been forged within those walls are lifelong gifts.  I was nothing more than a workaholic loner before entering the club.  My life is now full, I have found my best friend.  A large group of people that consistently stop at nothing to be there for each other.  Full of encouragement, laughter and camaraderie.  The health benefits are clear with a life filled with dance but the lifestyle advantages are equally powerful.

During my journey, I have learned to be myself.  I have learned how to perform, in front of countless people, with the newfound confidence that so many competitions and showcases have given me.  My head is now lifted high.  Stress doesn’t get the best of me.  It is a testament to the staff at WCP and what they have to offer.

Dreams come true and I am living proof.