" I have been taking lesson at the Mt. Juliet studio for 2 years. When dance entered my life, I had already lost 47 pounds and was very happy with my life and my look. Dance was not on my radar. I live in South Central, Kentucky and a friend brought me to a guest night, followed by my first lesson. I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect or if I would continue. My instructor asked me what I wanted from dance. My answer was, “added confidence as a leader. What I have experienced is so much more, Dance has transformed my body, my mind, perspective and abilities. As a leader, you are used to leading the way. What dance taught me and is still teaching me is submission and partnership. You may not like those two words but they are vital to successfully operate in any community of people. It is also life a vacation from the responsibility of leading. I drive 2 hours down to Mt. Juliet and 2 hours back to Kentucky twice a week. This statement alone reveals that I place a high value on this studio. I have had lessons with almost all the instructors and each one has given me more that just how to dance a pattern. With honest words, they encourage, promote, and tune your ability to dance as well as your self image. Since starting danced lessons, I have become a hiker, indoor rock climber, bike rider, tennis player, and once again I am shooting hoops. At my annual physicals the doctors have been in awe that I need no medications at the age of 67. Dance has also given me a new way to use my creativity. I have been free to create dance routine themes for my instructor and myself. They have a Christmas show, spring show, and a fall show which allows opportunities to use them as a creative outlet. The studio is also a community. with Friday and Saturday night dances, special nights of dance, and group lessons for all levels the people who take lessons get to know each other and have dance in common. Take a change, dance."

- Joy S. current student