Dance Lessons

Dance lessons for Nashville, TN

Hey Nashville, Have you ever wanted to learn to dance?

We offer dance instruction from top dance instructors who will help you every dance step of the way. Whether you are just starting out and have never been able to dance or if you have skills and would like to learn more. We are ready to take you there.

Private Dance Lessons

A private dance lesson is personalized for you based on your individual needs, desires, and dance goals. This ensures that you will learn quickly, at your own pace, while keeping it fun, easy, and comfortable.

These lessons are scheduled one at a time and at your convenience.

Group Dance Lessons

Group class lessons are designed to complement private dance lessons. They reinforce basic techniques and fundamental skills in a fun, social setting while allowing you to meet new people.

Dance Lessons For Weddings

World Champion Productions understands the importance of your first dance. We choreograph all wedding dances taking into consideration the song, the dress, the shoes, the floor space, and of course the deep personal meaning. We can also help with Father-Daughter dances, Mother-Son dances, and dancing for the entire wedding party.

Parties & Social Opportunities


Dance Practice parties complete the 3 way learning system and complete the information taught in both private and group lessons. Our live band, open bar parties provide a practice environment where dancers learn dance floor etiquette, floor craft, music interpretation, and a variety of other social skills all under the supervision of our dance instructors and managers.

Social Opportunities

Join us for our Nights Out on the Town every other Tuesday. During these events, we prove that ballroom dancing works in the real world too! Our club members enjoy dancing with the instructors at various locations around the city to both live music and DJ music.

Travel Club

Don’t just Go there, Dance there. With our club members, we take both national and international dance vacations. These trips can be designed for pleasure or for competition or both. No matter where we go, you will be dancing. Past WCP Travel Club destinations have included: Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Naples, Rome, Florence, Nice, Capri, San Juan, Phoenix, Daytona Beach, New Orleans, Key Biscayne, Hollywood, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Charlotte Amalie, Bridgetown, Fredricksted, Chicago, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Ocho Rios, Las Vegas, Orlando, Sarasota, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Palm Springs, Tampa, and Havana.