Did you know that Salsa originated in the 1920s in Eastern Cuba? If you’ve ever wanted to try out a salsa dance lesson, then you’ve come to the right place! Located in the Nashville area, World Champion Productions could be the right dance destination for you.

Salsa Dancing comes in a variety of styles, so you’re bound to find one that speaks to you. A beginner salsa dance lesson can help you to decide which type of salsa you enjoy the most! Not only will you learn a bunch of different dance moves and skills, but you may just find yourself with a new weekly hobby!

Here’s what you need to know about salsa dance lessons:

  • Types of Salsa Dancing
    • Los Angeles Style
    • New York Style
    • Cuban Style
    • Rueda de Casino
    • Colombian Style
  • Maximize Your Health Benefits
  • World Champion Productions

Types of Salsa Dancing

Los Angeles Style

Coined from the New York Style LA Style Salsa incorporates the use of flips, dips, tricks, and drops. Tending to feel faster and more powerful than the other styles and also involves the fusion of jazz, ballroom, and hip-hop, including many jazz-like footwork moves.

New York Style

Also known as the Mambo, the New York Style came about in the 1960s courtesy of Eddie Torres. A slower type of salsa that appears more elegant in comparison to the L.A style, New York Style involves spins, complex footwork, shines, and some Afro-Cuban movements.

Cuban (Casino Style)

Cuban Salsa is also known as Casino Style. All the moves and combinations which pertain to this genre are circular. Although this style is called Cuban, you can rarely see people in Cuba dancing pure Salsa.

Rueda de Casino

This style of salsa dance dates back to the 1960s in Cuba. This interesting genre involves the switching of partners after some time. Common in Cuba and Miami, The Cuban Casino Rueda is playful and fun, while the Miami Casino Rueda requires a lot of skill and memorization of the moves.

Colombian Style / Cumbia

As its name implies, this style of salsa is from Colombia and comes from Cumbia Salsa music. A distinguishing feature of Cumbia music is the long pause that follows the initial three and ending three beats. The sides are broken in a circular fashion with open breaks. During the pauses, they tap their feet. Foot movements are confined to moving from back to center and from side to center. There are a lot of dancers in very close ranges and they move extremely slowly. Throughout the contact, the bodies need to touch each other. This is a more complex style of salsa dancing.

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Maximizing Salsa Dance Benefits

It’s not surprising that salsa dancing can offer you plenty of aerobic and anaerobic benefits if you engage in regular dance lessons. Specifically, the various styles of salsa dancing can enhance many of the muscles in your legs and hips to work even harder. This promotes anaerobic results because your muscles are being pushed to the limit.

Moreover, many of these muscles don’t get exercise when we run or walk. Stepping backwards is a part of salsa dancing, which is good for your glutes and hips as well. Consequently, you’ll be able to tone many more muscles throughout your body as well as the other muscles within your legs.

You will get the best results from salsa dance if you take classes from a certified salsa teacher. A dance teacher can ensure that you perform the dance correctly, thereby decreasing your risk of getting injured or injuring your partner. In some cases, poor teachers can hinder individuals from performing the dance correctly and obtaining all the benefits related to salsa dancing. When beginning your new salsa dancing journey, be sure to find a dance studio that provides educated, dedicated instructors.

World Champion Productions

Here at World Champion Productions, we have dance instructors from all over, who are expertly trained and ready to teach you a style of salsa dance! Trying new things can be very scary, but so fun! Taking up beginner salsa dance lessons can become a great way to move your body, make some friends or simply have a good time getting involved with a new hobby.

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