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Nashville Dance Lessons

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Ballroom Dance Lessons for Beginners and Advanced Dancers

World Champion Productions

Our Mission Statement

Our function at World Champion Productions is to use ballroom dancing as a tool to create life change for our customers, but our greater mission is to show you warmth, care, respect, honesty, and integrity, both from us as well as within yourself every time you walk through our doors.


Ballroom Dance Lessons

The Benefits of Taking Dance Lessons in Nashville are Many

The benefits of learning to dance and continuing to dance are numerous. They span from mental health benefits to physical health benefits to emotional health benefits and everything in between. You can lose weight, tighten and tone, increase mobility, increase flexibility, lower blood pressure, and relieve stress. Ballroom dancing has also been scientifically linked with prevention and slowing down the process of cognitive impairment disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Our student Hazel Minnick has written 2 books on this subject with one more in the works. Please read more about her story here.


Some of our greatest accomplishments

Read our stories on how ballroom dancing changes lives.

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