Regular exercise at any stage in your life should be an important aspect of your livelihood. As a senior citizen, you understand how important physical activity can be for your wellbeing. In order to promote healthy aging and benefit your health, it may be time to take up senior dance lessons!

If you’re located in the Nashville area, World Champion Productions might be the best dance destination for you. With various dance class opportunities, World Champion Productions can set our seniors up for dance class success! Before your first senior dance lesson, there are a few things you may want to know about the benefits.

Here are the top reasons dance lessons are a great opportunity for seniors:

  • Opportunity for Cardio
  • Improve Your Sense of Balance
  • Improve Your Flexibility
  • Work Your Memory
  • Get Creative
  • Connect With Social Groups
  • Practice at Home

Opportunity for Cardio

When it comes to getting exercise as a senior citizen, finding the time to get in a good cardio session can be a challenge. With any form of senior dance lessons, you will be able to raise your heart rate and get oxygen moving through your system. Benefitting your overall health, dance lessons can help you aim for the recommended heart rate for seniors, typically 75 to 128 beats per minute. Senior dance lessons can be a great way to get out and stay active.

Improve Your Sense of Balance

As you age, having good balance can prove to be Good balance becomes increasingly important as to avoid falls. When you decide to take senior dance lessons, you offer yourself the opportunity to improve your own sense of balance! Dance typically requires the transfer of weight from one foot to the other, and overtime can help you become stronger. When it comes to senior dance lessons, the right instructor will start slowly to make sure you don’t attempt anything you’re not ready for. With more practice as time goes on, you’ll be able to balance like you’re 25 again.

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Improve Your Flexibility

While you probably won’t be required to kick your leg up to your head in a senior dance class, you will have the chance to improve your flexibility. As we age, our bodies begin to stop moving the way we are used to. With regular dance lessons, seniors can regain a sense of flexibility and mobility in their bodies. Simply moving your body in new ways, gently, can lead to more flexible muscles and joints, and easier movement in everyday life.

Work Your Memory

When you join a dance class, your instructor will teach you tools, tips, and dance moves that you’ll want to remember. Not only do senior dance classes offer great physical exercise opportunities, they can provide great mental exercise opportunities as well! Memorizing dance steps and warm up routines make for a great regular mental exercise. Even for those who struggle with memory loss, your body may begin to re-develop “muscle memory” to help you remember movements and music in a remarkable way.

Get Creative

Oftentimes as we age, we lose the chance to express ourselves creatively. When you join a senior dance class, you give yourself the opportunity to express yourself creatively through physical activity. What a better way to get active while moving freely, and creatively to music. Improve your mood, mental health and physical wellbeing with a senior dance class.

Connect With Social Groups

Along with expressing yourself freely, senior dance classes are a great way to spend time with friends and meet new people. Even in times of social distancing, you are likely to find a dance class that allows you to stay separate, make new friends and get active. Move your body and make new connections that can last a lifetime.

Practice at Home

When you join a dance class at any age, you’re probably going to want to practice your moves at home. For most senior dance classes, you won’t be engaging in extensive routines that require a lot of space. Senior dance class instructors will provide you with the right, health moves and warm ups best suited for your body that you can do in the comfort of your own home! Say you can’t make a class one week but still want to stay active, shift some furniture around in your home and get to work. Senior dance classes will prepare you with the best moves for your age group that you can engage in almost anywhere.

Make 2021 your year to try new things. Taking up a new hobby like joining a senior dance class is a great way to do this! Contact World Champion Productions today and learn more about our various dance lesson opportunities.