With over 50,000 dance studios operating in the United States, you’re bound to find the perfect place for you to jumpstart your dance dreams. If you’re someone who didn’t grow up taking dance lessons, but feel like it’s time you do, make it one of your 2021 goals! And, if you’re located in the Nashville area, World Champion Productions may be the dance destination for you.

For beginners, ballroom dancing can initially seem pretty daunting. However, if you come into your first lesson with an open mind and heart, you’re bound to have a good time. Before your first dance lesson there are a few things you might want to know so you feel the most at ease.

Here are the top things to know before you take your first dance lesson:

  • You Are Not Alone
  • You Don’t Need a Partner
  • Physical Contact Is Required
  • Wear Workout Gear
  • Take it Slow
  • Don’t Forget to Have Fun!


You’re Not Alone

When you first walk into your dance class, you may feel a lot of nerves. However, do not fear— if you’re taking a beginner-level class, you’re definitely not the only one who’s nervous. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself amongst other beginners who feel just as you do!

Keep in mind that these lessons are called a beginner class for a reason. No one is expected to know anything about ballroom dancing yet, and the rest of the class is probably just as intimidated as you are. So relax and get ready to learn a fun new skill!


You Don’t Need a Partner

When thinking about ballroom dance lessons, you may be wondering if you need to bring a partner to begin. This is one of the most common questions new dancers have when they sign up for a ballroom dance class. It may even deter some people from signing up until they find a friend or significant other to join the class with them.

However, this is often not the case! Most dance studios don’t expect dancers to show up with a partner for partnered dance lessons. Instead, the instructor can pair you up with your other beginner classmates and may rotate partners throughout the class.


Physical Contact is Required

A big part of ballroom dancing involves physical touch. While this might seem to go without saying, if you sign up for a partner dance class, you’ll be expected to interact with other dancers.

If you’re uncomfortable with physical touch—especially with new people, you can always sign up for solo style lessons. However, even in those classes, your instructor may still occasionally touch you when they’re correcting your position.

Each dance style has its own rules as to what kinds of physical contact are appropriate and normal. If you have questions about the typical types of contact, always ask the instructor before signing up.

Pro Tip: While dance often involves new kinds of physical contact, it’s easy to confuse signals you’re getting from a partner during class. When going into your lesson, it’s always safe to assume your classmates are there to learn just like you— not to find a new significant other.

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Wear Workout Gear

If you’re someone who has never considered dance a sport, you may want to reevaluate your opinion. Dancing is a very physical activity that involves moving your body for long periods of time. In a typical dance class, you’re going to get to move around the room pretty frequently, and often will go through a guided warm up routine.

When going to your first class, you’ll want to try wearing workout gear, and assess as you continue your lessons. In a beginner lesson a pair of sneakers that aren’t too grippy will do the trick. Ask your instructor for more details on specific footwear for the style of dance you’re learning. Try to opt for stretchy clothes that are easy to move in, and won’t cause you to trip and fall.

If you’re taking ballroom dancing lessons, you may eventually work your way up to wearing more appropriate dress shoes and clothes. However, don’t feel obligated to do so in your first lesson.


Take it Slow

New dancers are often eager to learn the dance steps and have it all down on day one. However, as a beginner you are not expected to know the dance moves right off the bat. That’s why you’re in a beginner class right?

When it comes to learning a dance, the steps aren’t what make a dancer good. You’ll have to learn the foundational steps such as connection, body movement, and foot placement— as well as focus on posture and core engagement. Remember that your instructors are not trying to slow you down or say that they don’t believe in you. Be sure to take things slow and learn all you need to know to become a better, well-rounded dancer. Paying attention to these details will help you progress more quickly in the long-run.


Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

A first time ballroom dance class can be a scary thing to jump into. However, you’ve signed up for a reason and dancing is meant to be a good time! Don’t forget to have fun in your beginner level class, and don’t be afraid to give dance classes a second try. Your instructors want to see you enjoy yourself and help you succeed. Who knows, maybe this might be your second life calling!

Make 2021 your year to try new things. Taking up a new hobby like ballroom dancing is a great way to do this! Contact World Champion Productions today and learn more about our various dance lesson opportunities.